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Fresh Seafood

At Star Fish Company, our market is filled with fresh seafood and fish, brought in directly from the boats. We offer a variety of locally caught options, ensuring that you enjoy the superior taste and quality of our products. Our commitment to freshness is evident in every item we offer, from Florida caught fish to succulent shrimp to tender crab.

Local Waters & Local Fishermen

By choosing our market, you’re not only savoring the freshest catch but also supporting the local fishing community. We believe in the importance of giving back to the community and its economy, and your support helps us achieve this. Our dedication to providing the best while supporting local fishermen is what sets us apart.

The Star Fish Company Seafood Market features fresh local seafood at great prices including Grouper, Snapper, Mullet and Stone Crab claws from local waters and local fishermen.

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A One-Stop Shop


Our shop offers unique gifts, from nautical decor to handcrafted souvenirs, all capturing the unique style of Anna Maria Island.

Local Art

We feature local art, showcasing the talent of our community with ocean-inspired paintings and sculptures.


A selection of beverages is available, including soft drinks, beers, and wines, to complement your meal.

Food Items

Our market provides savory sides and sweet treats, all made with a focus on quality and freshness.


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